Composite materials manufacturing

The department dedicated to composite materials was conceived in 2006 and from the very beginning, it focused especially on the manufacturing of carbon fiber, fiberglass and thermoformed materials.
Reliability, proficiency and professional advice – these are the tenets on which our company is based and for which we are highly estimated by our customers.
Our associates/collaborators have years and years of experience behind them and they are able to attend to the customer in the entire productive process: from CAD-CAM designing to after-sales service. Thus, we provide an opportunity to maintain and implement the products that have already been manufactured.
For the entire production, we use 3-5 axes CNC machineries and by using CMS Ares 4818 and CMS Antares 2615, we can work even on 3D objects of notable dimensions.

Stroke of axe X = 4800 mm, Y = 1800 mm, Z = 800 mm (47.24"), axe B +/- 120°, axe C +/- 270°
Stroke of axw X=2600 mm, Y=1500 mm, Z=1000 mm, axe B +/- 120°, axe C +/- 270°

Moreover, the trim milling occurs on laying molds which are designed and manufactured in our plant.
The company is focused mainly on the automotive sector; nevertheless, we work also for other fields, such as:

  • aeronautics and aerospace
  • nautical field
  • railway
  • sport components
  • accessories